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You have won your case and the other party (the judgment debtor) owes you money. The case may be over but your work may not be done. Now you need to collect what you are owed from the judgment debtor. Too often, this is not easily done.

If you know where the judgment debtor works, you are in good shape. In most states, you are generally entitled to get approximately 25% of a person's net wages to satisfy a debt in some states. (But if a person has a very low income, the amount you may recover can be considerably less than 25% and possibly nothing at all.) Wage garnishments are not allowed in some states as well. If you are considering a Wage Garnishment in California give us a call and we'll help you get it taken care of and answer any questions.

Bank Levy info:

Wage Garnishment or EWO

If you know where a judgment debtor banks, you can order a sheriff, marshal, or constable to levy on a bank account and get whatever it contains at the time of the levy, subject to several exceptions.

We are very knowledgeable on the process and assisting you to get the paperwork filed, delivered, and served for the Bank Levy to take action. Contact us today for assistance in setting up a Bank Levy.

Of course, a bank account levy will often only work once at a given bank, because the debtor is pretty likely to move the account when he or she realizes that you are emptying it.

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