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Courier / Messenger Service

Getting an important letter, legal Document, Binder or package across the valley or northern California area can be a hassle, but it doesn't have to be.


Business owners, independent contractors, and individuals alike can save time and energy by relying on the courier service offered by our team at Run With It. We employ friendly professionals who understand attention to detail and time schedules, as well as great knowledge in local routes.

Common Messenger Services include:

  • Pick-up a thumb drive or USB and deliver

  • Pick-up Legal Documents and deliver to another office

  • Meet a client for Signature, and return signed documents

  • Retrieve a CD/DVD with files and deliver to office

  • Print E-mailed files and deliver to another location

  • Pick-up Large shipment of containers for court hearing and set-up and deliver at court Department

  • Pick-up a check and deliver to another office

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