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Here at RUN WITH IT we offer many services to both Attorneys and Law Firms, as well as Private Individuals. 

Process Service


We can serve anywhere in the World. Every step of the legal system commonly requires notification to parties involved in the case, we know the rules and the process well. We have experience in every "odd" situation, and have mastered an effective and professional process.

Court Filing


Our office can file in any court. From traditional filing of Original documents, to Fax Filing, Filing Non-Originals, and even Filing by the new methods of Electronic eFile (and eConcierge). Contact us to find how what method is most effective for your court filing.

Messenger Service


Our professional staff can help deliver Witness Binders and Exhibit Binders. We will deliver documents, retrieve signed documents from clients, obtain copies or signed Orders from court, and even deliver Courtesy copies to varying Court Departments.

Skip Trace / Locate


We can assist you in the right search for the right task. Whether you need a general Skip Trace with an array of results, or a valid "Locate" with only validated results, or an in-field locate with a Private Investigator to confirm residency.

Eviction Services


The eviction process can be challenging, and every day wasted is viewed as money lost. Our staff will keep the case moving forward and avoid errors that can have increased costs later. From the first "Notice" to the actual "Lock-out", we can even help with money judgement.

Legal Document Assistance


The legal system and process is very detailed and precise. If you are choosing to go at your case without an attorney we can help you get the paperwork. In some circumstances we can get you an attorney at a discount rate when time arises.

Copy Service (Mobile)


Need help retrieving records? We have the ability to copy Medical Records, Private Records, Reports and more on-site at almost any location. We can also assist in records retrieval via Deposition Officer, we'll store and deliver the records appropriate to the request.

Private Investigator Services


Whether your case involves fraud, adultery, missing persons, child custody, extramarital affairs, asset searches, surveillance, background checks or any of our other services, our Private Investigator the resources and expertise to find the answers you need.

Bank Levy / Wage Garnishment


Need to recover money from a judgement? We can assist you in the proper documents and process to Withhold employee earnings or to Levy on a Bank account and hold funds directly from the debtors bank account. Be sure to renew your judgment for the ease of collection in the future.

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