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Contra Costa Issued the following statement on 3/13/2020:

In response to the unique and continuing public safety challenge presented by the coronavirus (COVID-19) and the numerous public health orders suggesting or requiring that public gatherings be limited:

The Contra Costa County Superior Court will be closed at all locations for approximately two weeks beginning Monday, March 16, 2020. Court locations hope to re-open at 8:00 a.m. on Wednesday, April 1st, 2020. Please check the Court website – - for updates.

While the courts will be closed for most court cases starting on March 16, jurors who have been ordered to appear in court for criminal trials on Monday, March 16, must report to the court as ordered. At that time, the judges in those cases will provide guidance as to any further proceedings.

The Court appreciates the careful balance that must be maintained between the timely administration of justice and the protection of public health and safety. At the Court’s request and as permitted under Government Code section 68115, the Chief Justice of the California Supreme Court has issued an emergency order providing that, at least until April 1, 2020, the court closure will have the effect of being a public holiday as far as statutory or other timelines are concerned.

• If you have a hearing scheduled during this period, it will be reset to a later date. Notice of the new hearing date will be mailed to you or your attorney.

• If you are scheduled for jury service during this period, your service will be rescheduled. Notice of the rescheduled date will be mailed to you.

• Any in custody arraignments will be handled in Martinez, but all courthouses are closed to the public. Juvenile in custody arraignments will be handled in Martinez though closed to the public. Counsel will be permitted at all arraignments.

• If you need to seek an emergency protective order and/or a temporary guardianship, please contact your local police agency who will seek an appropriate order on your behalf.

• If you need to contact the juvenile or criminal arraignment departments, please call 925-608-1199.

Importantly, this closure is not in response to a specific notice of exposure at any Court facility or to any Court staff. Instead, it is in an abundance of caution to help limit the spread of the virus and the potential for future exposure.

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