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Top 7 Reasons to e-File in California

There are many reasons to Electronically file (e-File) documents in California. Seems almost daily a client reaches out to Run With It for help in e-Filing or simply understanding e-Filing and their reasons are great. So let's look at some of the top reasons e-File with Run With It specifically, there are many advantages.

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1) Customer Support

Here at Run With It our portal provides Customer Support online 24/7 via live chat direct form your online Portal (this is our EMS line).

*In addition, Concierge support is available Monday – Friday 8:30am-4:30pm with our in office staff.

2) E-Filing Courts

Using Run With It opens a large number of courthouse Filing options. Many competitors are not able to e-file in Odyssey courts, our portal does. We have an extreme list of courthouses and counties and we work with a team that is constantly working to achieve more court options for you year after year.


3) E-Service

Many others do not provide e-service, only filing. Our Run With It portal provides additional add-on service including E-Service complete with confirmation reports.

#eService #onlineService

4) Payment Processing Options

Many online service organizations only offer use of Credit Cards. The Run With It portal allows for Credit Cards as well as e-checks. Using the e-check option can save you money when filing new cases with large fee, as you'll be able to pay a flat fee for payment as oppose to being charged a percent on each transaction.

#BetterPaymentOptions #echeck

5) Reports

The Run With It portal offers detailed reports on the cases filed or even pending.


6) Filed Copies

It's common to receive your file-endorsed copies form others with a link to find your copies. However, our Run With It portal can/will attach file-endorsed stamped copies to emails to give you ease in viewing, printing, and forwarding as necessary.

#FileEndosedCopies #FilingAttached

7) Case Views

Many others do not provide Case Summary / History views, our Run With It portal does.

#CaseSummary #FilingHistory

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