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My Court eFiling was rejected!?!

So you're finally catching on to all this Electronic Filing and you are so proud that you are saving time and money, but your document was REJECTED this time!

Here are a few important thing to note when your document(s) have been rejected.

There are many common reasons for a rejection. Some of the most common include:

The attorney's name and address are missing #AttorneyWho

The case number on the document does not match the case you filed into #Typo

The Document you are filing is not signed #JohnHancockInvisible

The Date is missing from the signature #Ooops

Great news!! Once you receive notice that your document was rejected it's a quick fix.

1) Use the hyperlink provided in e-mail to re-open the #Envelope that you were filing into. Or while you are logged in you can click on the envelope number and re-open that eFiling.

2) Once you are in your original submission you can delete the incorrect document(s).

3) Then Select your "Document Title" again and Upload the corrected or revised document. And complete your envelope for submission again, then click "Submit Filing" at the bottom of the page.

As easy as that was I have even better news! #eFilingGetsBetter

Upon re-submission if that court clerk approve your revised document(s) you will receive a file-endorsed copy with the date/time of the original submission. There are of course a few scenarios where the court does not get to back-date but so far we have enjoyed the ability to correct and revise without losing our original filing date/time.

I hope this information is helpful and encourages you and your firm to Electronically File your Court documents. #eFilingMadeEasy

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